Post season series

Preliminary rounds & final (2019)

  1. The same "rules of competition" followed during the regular season apply throughout.
  2. The teams are ranked according to the results attained during the regular season. An even number of teams play in the 2019 post season series. EX: in a level having 19 teams, only the first 18 teams play for the gold medal. LOOK up "How positions are decided in the standings".
  3. The team with the highest standing is always the receiving team. If its club cannot receive due to court availability, then the opposing team receives.
  4. Look up To qualify for the post season.
  5. No substitution is allowed from a lower level.
  6. An injured player is replaced only if the injury occurs during the 15-minute warm-up period. Click here for particularities in replacing in the post season.
  7. The CRA rule is applicable throughout the series and the finals. If this rule is not respected, the team at fault automatically loses.
  8. If a team does not have 6 eligible players, a default is announced. The opponents must be advised. See Rule 2.1 : default  

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