Substitution rules

Substituting during regular season: 

  1. A player replacing must be a current TFIM member.
  2. A player can only replace in any higher level of the same club.
  3. The replacement player is not limited to a given team per higher level and can replace in more than one higher level. She can play a maximum of 3 times per higher level.
  4. The replacement player can play on any of the 3 courts and her CRA is used for the enforcement of the CRA rule 2.2.6.
  5. A team can have a maximum of 2 substitute players per match.
  6. A player cannot replace a player in another team of her own level.
  7. Only clubs that have a level V are allowed substitutes in level IV. The name of the player and a CRA factor (minimum 2.00) must be specified to the level statistician BEFORE the match.