To Move up a Level:

  1. The player must have reached the "player profile" of the superior level. (New in September 2017)
  2. Every player's personal statistics will be retained so that the coaches and the CA team can do a case study at the "statistics meeting" which takes place after April 15th. The following statistics are particularly important:
    1. The number of times played on court #1 must be equal or greater than the number of times played on courts #2 and #3 combined.
    2. A significant accumulation of points MNP (My Number of Points) calculated as follows:
      • 3 points for a win on court #1
      • 2 points for a win on court #2
      • 1 point for a win on court #3
    3. NB: Only matches played during the regular season and in the level in which the player is registered are included in these calculations.
  3. Following the statistics meeting, it will be determined which players will be evaluated to confirm that the "player profile" of the next level is reached. (New in September 2017)
    Click on Player profiles for more information on the profiles to be reached to move up.

Another note: The pro consultants mention that playing with several different partners will be considered as a positive point by the statistics committee.

During the 2017-18 season TFIM worked on Player profiles for levels II, III & IV.  A new rule was implemented in Septembre 2017 for " Moving-up". The MNP rule is now only used as an indicator of success. With the help of the pro-consultants committee, the process of assigning a profile to all our members continues in 2018-19. It's a long process and an assessment of skills is part of that process.

  1. A case study application form to change the profile of a player must be signed by the coach and the player.
    • On the form, the profile of the player (according to the coach) must be entered.
  2. The player's confirmation (evaluation) grid must accompany the application.
  3. To move up (or stay) in a level the coach must fill in the confirmation grid of the desired level.

We thank our pro-consultant committee for their hard work and efforts in ensuring that our members stay in our league, enjoy our sport and evolve at the right level.

See: Profile confirmation grids

the Average

  1. TFIM defines average as a percentage calculated by dividing the number of wins by the number of times played (wins + losses). 
  2. In Tenniscores this number appears as a fraction Win/Loss Record under the player’s profile. 
  3. This win percentage is calculated for all matches during the regular season exclusively.
  4. The average will not be a decisive factor to move up a level. (New in September 2017)
  5. For the average calculation, a retired match is excluded (see « Rule 2.1 » in Rules of competition.