Who can play in this league?

The minimum age to participate in the league is 19, reached during the current year i.e. between June 1st and May 31st. The player must register before October 31st of the current season and will not be allowed to play until she reaches the designated age.


  1. A player registering to be a member of TFIM must be a  member of the club that she represents. Each club determines who is a member of its club.
  2. To register a team, each club must send, when requested, a list of a minimum of 10 players. A revised & official list of players must be presented at the first captains' meeting along with a check for the players’ membership fees to confirm this team for the season. Failure to send a confirmation will result in the cancellation of the team for the season.
  3. Registration of a new team:
    • The CA reserves the right to review a team application before acceptance (AGA 2015). 
    • Level 1 : All new Level 1 teams must have at least one player with a profile of 4.5 or higher on their team list. If the qualifying player is new to TFIM, she must be present at the FIRST evaluation held by TFIM before the beginning of the season in order to determine her profile otherwise the team may not be valid.
  4. Every player must be registered on the official list signed by the club pro and submitted at the first captain’s meeting to be allowed to play. Afterwards she can be added to the official list when requested by her captain and must have the authorization of the statistician of her level to play.
    NOTE: Registration of a player with a 5.0 or 5.5 profile must be done at least 7 days prior to playing her first match. (AGA 2017)
  5. The deadline to register a player is October 31st of the current TFIM season.
  6. A registered player who has played once for a team can only play for that team during the season. A player who substitutes once for a team in a superior level is considered a member of that club’s teams and cannot play for another club during the same season.


Level V is for the beginner in competition. The matches are fixed in a varied schedule depending on the receiving club's availability. We recommend the teams name a captain to represent them at our captain's meetings. You can register anytime during the tennis season. Please ask your club pro for information on TFIM beginner group if interested.

  1. Any club member playing tennis, interested in the competition in the TFIM league can register. Level V is there to initiate a beginner in doubles' competition.
  2. To maintain a certain caliber of play in all level in the league it is recommended that a beginner without any experience in competition register in level V.
  3. Registration is open. A player may join any time within the September to March season.
  4. A team captain can represent them at captains' meetings.
  1. Each team presents 3 pairs of doubles for competition.
  2. The three teams meet, playing a total of 9 sets each. Games are played without advantage. At 40-40 the receiving team chooses on which side they want to receive the service. A tiebreaker must be played at 4-4.
  3. The trainer can give advice between changes of the teams.
  4. The score sheets are sent by fax to the coordinator of level V. Only the team results will be compiled.
  • TFIM rules for levels I to IV can be used as reference.
Rules that do apply:
  • Rule 2.5: A player of a lower level can replace in any higher level. A player of a higher level cannot replace a player in a lower level.
  • Rules exist in level I to IV concerning moving up or down a level. NO rule exists to move up a player from level V. Coaches will decide in which level a player will evolve. No rules exist to stop a player from level IV who wishes to improve on her competition skills to register in level V.