Forms to help the captain with her responsibilities:

Click on the title of the document you want to open. Three options are available to you:

  1. Save on your computer and type in the blank spaces. Print your list to bring with you,
  2. Print the form and fill-in by hand,
  3. If NO signature required: Save, fill-in and re-save to send as attachement in an email to whom it may concern.


  1. Register the players of a team: See Create Team Roster and Follow captain's instructions. Print team roster and bring to captains' meeting.
  2. Register a new or returning player (click for definition) to the league. (the pro's signature is required) 
  3. Register a new player in level I. (the pro's signature is required)


Request to change levels: A request for a case study is needed, both the player and the pro's signature is required.

Request a profile confirmation (evaluation): See Profile confirmation grids

Best sportsmanship award: Fill out during the season when you have a nomination for the best sportswoman of the year.

Request a change of CRA pour an individual player (the pro's signature is required)

Request a change of CRA for a few players. (the pro's signature is required)

Proxy: to be used when the captain cannot attend a meeting

Niveau 1

Request to Change a player profile