1. All Communications must be with the statistician who will transfer to whomever it concerns.
  2. Before the start of the season the “level I” coach must send a list of all level I players including their PROFILE justifying any changes from the previous season. These changes must be accepted by the review committee.
  3. To play in level I, the following players will have to go to an evaluation session to determine their "player profile"
    • the player who has never played in the TFIM league
    • the player returning to TFIM after an absence of one season or more and who did not have a "player profile" of at least 4.0 when she left the league.
  4. The evaluation must be done before she plays her first match. Fees will apply for the evaluation to cover the costs of the pros and the courts.
  5. Any player whose profile is 4.5+ at the start of the season may be subject to a review of her profile at the end of the first cycle of matches. The updated profile will be used for the rest of the season. All requests must be made by a coach.
  6. Any requests for profile adjustment must be made no later than the Wednesday preceeding the last week of the first cycle (November 13 in 2019), so that the review committee can give their opinion a week before the beginning of 2nd cycle. (November  22 in 2019)


  • The CA reserves the right to review a team application before acceptance (AGA 2015)
  • Any new teams that wants to register in level I, must have at least one player with  a 4.5 profile or higher on its list of players. Otherwise the team cannot register. If this player is new to TFIM, she is obliged to present herself at the FIRST evaluation held by TFIM before the beginning of the season in order to determine her profile or else the team will not be accepted by TFIM.

NOTE: Registration of a player with a 5.0 or 5.5 profile: She must be registered at least 7 days prior to playing her first match. (AGA 2017)

Line-up rule

General rule :

The «5.0» or more player must always play on court #1.

The following table respects the «0.5 difference» between the maximum possibilities.

Exception : If 2 teams each have 3 classified players or more, a «5.0» player is allowed on court #2 when they compete against each other.


 number status  number status
0 5.0 1 5.0 maximum
1 5.0 1 or 2 1 x 5.5 or 2 x 5.0
1 5.5 1 + 1 5.0 & 5.5
2 5.0 1 + 1 5.0 & 5.5
1 + 1 5.0 & 5.5 2 5.5
2 5.5 2 5.5
  • Failure to respect the alignment rules mentioned above, results in a penalty of 2 points in the matches column for the faulted team.
  • At all times, respect the line-up order stipulated in rule 2.2.6

Post Season

The same rules apply.
The "5,5" player must have played a minimum of 3 matches to be eligible.
In the event of non-compliance with the alignment rules, the faulted team automatically loses the round.


For all levels: In Tenniscores, the abbreviation FRZ (frozen) means that a player is not available to play. The captain oversees this function and can utilize it to identify players that are not available for an extended period of time. See How to do a Frozen player?

FRZ (frozen) for a 5.0 or 5.5 player (level 1):  a 5.0 or 5.5 player can only be labelled as "FRZ" if she is unable to play for at least 8 matches. This player can only be labelled "FRZ" once per season. 
A notice of 7 days must be given before a player can be added to or removed from the FRZ list. (AGA2017)
The captain must inform her statistician before declaring a player frozen in Tenniscores.


New player:

The new player as defined by TFIM:

  • A player who has never been a member of TFIM
  • A player who comes back to the league in levels II, III or IV and has not been an active player of TFIM within the last 5 seasons.
  • A player who comes back in level I and has not been an active player of TFIM for one season. See Returning Player for more info concerning if evaluation is necessary.

NOTE: This player must complete a "New Player Registration" Form and forward it to the statistician of the appropriate level at least 3 days prior to playing a match. See under Captain's Kit.

Returning player

The Returning player as defined by TFIM:

  • A player who was a TFIM level II, III or IV and is coming back in the league after an absence of 4 TFIM seasons or less. She registers in the same level she was in at the time of her departure. (AGM 2009)
  • A player returning to level I in TFIM after an absence of 1 season or more who had a “4.0” player profile can register in the same level under the condition that she be seen by 2 tennis professionals who agree on her level. Otherwise, this player must be properly evaluated to determine her current “player profile” (AGM 2016)