Profile confirmation grids

The essential skills of each level are described in each "PROFILE OF THE PLAYER".

Subsequently, a chart of these skills to be evaluated was developed: THE EVALUATION GRID. This in order to be more uniform, more equitable for all players. This process should help communication between coach and player and remove the stress of changing players' levels by external constraints.

The following confirmation (evaluation) grids are intended to better identify the skills of a player and to ensure that each player is in the right level, to perform at her best and express herself. The process to evaluate players who could change levels may warrant an evaluation in front of other club pros. TFIM asks the coach to fill in these grid and the consulting pros will confirm their assessment. The player should meet with her coach and sign the evaluation in front of her coach. 

It is extremely important to understand that to move up a level, the player must attain the same profile of a player in the upper level. To stay in the level, the player has to maintain the level's profile and to move down, she doesn't have the profile to stay in the level.

Any player can auto-evaluate herself with these grids and ask her coach to help her attain or maintain her level of play in order to better perform and enjoy her tennis.

To move up (or stay) in level I: Confirmation grid 4,0

To move up (or stay) in level II: Confirmation grid 3,5

To move up (or stay) in level III: Confirmation grid 3,0