Who can be evaluated?

The objective for the end of season evaluation is to give our members the opportunity to be seen by other tennis professionals to validate that the player has the required "player profile" to move up or the relevant criteria to stay in her level.

The "Evaluation Template" used during evaluation can be filled out and sent with the "request to change levels" form before April 15th of the current season.

The professional of the club responsible for TFIM must make the request for evaluation. A case study is implicit. The CA with the help of tennis professionals will make the final decision to see if an evaluation is warranted.

The following are the subject of a study:

  1. Any player who has reached the "player profile" of the higher level. The coach who knows the player makes the request on behalf of the player.
  2. Any player not having the 30% average or at least 2 wins during her last 2 active seasons (within the last 5 seasons): the statistician of the level informs each of the team captains who are these players at a meeting once the regular season is over. The coach makes the request only if the player maintains the profile of the level. To be exempt of this rule, you need 2 wins and played at least 2 times and 30% or more.
Evaluation day:
  1. When an evaluation is recommended, the player will be informed of the date by the level statistician.
  2. The player accepts to be evaluated by a group of TFIM professionals and the decision is final.
  3. Evaluations are held on the third Thursday in May.
  4. It’s the player’s responsibility to know which criteria are being evaluated.
  5. The player in case study #2 who doesn't go to evaluation accepts to go down a level.

Level 1:

At the beginning of the season, evaluations will be held on the Thursday following Labor Day in the evening, to determine a player's profile for the following:

  1. A new player (see definition)
  2. A player returning to TFIM after an absence of at least a year and whose latest profile was less than 4.0. 

NOTE: The evaluation must take place before the first match of this player.

the Average

  1. TFIM defines average as a percentage calculated by dividing the number of wins by the number of times played (wins + losses). 
  2. In Tenniscores this number appears as a fraction Win/Loss Record under the player’s profile. 
  3. This win percentage is calculated for all matches during the regular season exclusively.
  4. The average will not be a decisive factor to move up a level. (New in September 2017)
  5. For the average calculation, a retired match is excluded (see « Rule 2.1 » in Rules of competition.