Our CRA is being upgraded!

When  TFIM  implemented the  CRA, there was no existing system to respect alignment on the courts. Over the years, TFIM has upgraded its CRA system and has worked with Tenniscores to merge the two systems. Tenniscores was using the CRA to meet our needs but was not managing the system.

Tenniscores has now elaborated on a system similar to our CRA (thanks to TFIM), which is an improvement over our creation. TRS (Tenniscores rating system) evaluates more accurately the caliber of doubles playing than our current CRA. 

From now on,  TFIM will use the new TRS to calculate the CRA. It will still be called CRA, but will use the Tenniscores formula. Tenniscores will manage the system entirely, which means significantly less work for us, especially for our Webmaster at no additional cost. 

If we compare CRAs of  2019-20 and CRAs for the next season, the differences are as follows:

  1. The new CRA numbers are between 1 and 6 as opposed to 2 and 26.
  2. The number of points attributed is the same (in absolute value) for the winners and the runner-ups.
  3. For the matches, regardless of the outcome (win or loss), the change in CRA will be based also on performance and not only on victory :
  1. If Exp %* > % actual**, performance is below expectations, therefore the CRA goes down 
  2. If Actual % > EXP %  performance is above expectations, therefore the number of points attributed is positive and the CRA increases.
  3. If EXP % = Actual % the CRA remains unchanged.

*EXPected % = probability of winning against opponents
**% actual = outcome of the match or performance


  •     Tenniscores has assigned a CRA to all the players that are already in the system according to the level in which they play and the court on which they played their first match.
  •     New players will have a CRA assigned by Tenniscores according to the court on which they play their first match. 

For the coaches: Tenniscores has used match data since 2016 to assign a CRA to each player according to their level. A certain number of matches are required to balance a CRA. An initial adjustment might be necessary for the players that have not played 10 matches over the last 4 years. However, aside from these players, we do not expect any other required adjustments. While this information may seem a little overwhelming, rest assured that we will communicate more information to you before the start of the season.

In the meantime, take advantage of the nice weather, play single, keep in shape and stay healthy!

Michelle Aubé
Présidente TFIM

CRA committee report

For more on the CRA read the "Rapport du comité CRA" tabled on December 1, 2014 (in French only)


CRA (rule 2.2.6) & MNP (rule 1.8).

The CRA (calculation for the respect of the alignment) and MNP (My Number of Point system) are two distinct formulas. CRA counts in all games played and generates without exception even during retired matches and substituting. The CRA varies with the level of performance in a match. The MNP only adds up the wins and only increases with a win. Although the CRA and MNP give us an idea of the level of play of a player, the two are independent.