2019 Finals

Testimonials from our captains of the year!

A big thank you to Nathalie Dumais and all of the TFIM committee for this unexpected nomination. A captain is nothing without her team, so I share this honour with all of my great teammates.
Nadia Bernucci, captain Brossard 1B

On behalf of all the girls on my team, I would like to thank you (Betty) for your great work throughout the year. In addition, I would also like to thank all the TFIM Board for the superb organization of the Final. We were treated to a warm welcome, to a very attentive team of Tennis 13 volunteers, to exceptional and abundant fruit, to well-supervised matches, to a well-structured awards ceremony, to an outstanding organization. Outstanding as usual !!!!

I was very excited to receive the captain of the year award. Let's say it's going right to my heart. Thank you for thinking of me. I know others are doing their job properly too. This prize has a special meaning not knowing what the future holds for me, however I can affirm with conviction that what helps me to go through this trial is the strong desire to continue within this association. The girls of the team, the training, the friendships, the meetings and so on it's just great !!!

Diane Bergeron, captain Brossard 2B
First, congratulations last Friday at Tennis 13, a very dynamic day, very well organized in many facets and in addition with quality tennis on all courts. It was exciting and rewarding to see the caliber of each level.

All our team and coaches send you their thanks for your support and immense organization that contributed to a very exceptional first year for the sports center St Eustache (8th in the standings). Not only did we have the chance to publicize and create interest for your organization but our team has had unexpected success on the courts and has earned a friendly reputation with our opponents by forging strong links with several teams.

Special thanks to Michelle, our statistician, who has given us her help, her expertise and also her friendship throughout the season. Michelle, a big thank you for your personal contribution for the title of captain of the season for level 3. I did not expect so much honour, I am very grateful..

Hélène Thériault, captain St Eustache 3

It made me so happy to receive this recognition yesterday, you worked hard girls, everything worked so smoothly, also bravo to Tennis 13. It was such a beautiful competition with Vaudreuil, we could not ask for better as a team, you (Monique) know like me that the attitude is not the same in all teams.
Madeleine Trutschmann, captain Nun's Island 4B

Finish or concede a match

During the series leading to the finals, the administrative committee of TFIM request that all matches be finished in the same manner as the regular season. All matches count towards the ranking.

However, the committee recognizes that it is ultimately up to the players involved to decide if they want to continue or not. To maintain our transparency and how the CRA is calculated in Tenniscores, it is absolutely necessary to have actual scores and to identify the winning team on three courts.

The following guidelines are suggested to determine the winners of a match being conceded or unfinished:

It must be decided: Which team concedes the match?
The team that concedes loses the game; the victory is awarded to the opponents.
If both teams cannot agree on who concedes the match, the game must continue to determine the winners in the same way as during the regular season.

NOTE: follow the rule of the day at the finals.

In Tenniscores:

For each finished match: The score is entered normally and the winning team is selected from the drop down menu.

For a conceded match: "not finished conceded" is entered in the COMMENTS box. The team declared the winner is selected from the drop down menu. The score for a set must be greater in number for the winners of the set. If the team who concedes was losing when stopping the score is entered as such. If the team who concedes led when stopping, they concede the number of games necessary for their opponents to have a majority of games for each set. EX: the score when stopping was 6-4, 4-2 becomes 6-4, 4-5 and 0-1.

FAQ - post season

Series' rounds

 Questions: How are the matches made? Is it a round-robin?

Answer: Normally in a round robin with 16 teams one match is played against the other 3 teams in the group. In a normal round robin, there is an order to respect following the standing. TFIM chose a format close to a round-robin with differences: a format of 3 rounds with a draw at random to form the groups. See Draw to make-up the groups.

With 18 teams participating, two groups of 5 (uneven) and two groups of 4 (even) and 3 rounds per group. Between groups A and B, one match per week is intergroup. Two teams form the same row never play against each other; there is one exception "A3 vs B3". 

ROUNDS for a tournament with 18 teams
Round #1   Round #2   Round #3  
A1 receive A5 A1 receive A3 A1 receive A2
A2 receive A4 A2 receive A5 A3 receive A4
B1 receive B4 B1 receive B3 B1 receive B2
B2 receive B5 B2 receive B4 B3 receive B5
A3 ? B3 A4 receive B5 B4 receive A5
C1 receive C4 C1 receive C3 C1 receive C2
C2 receive C3 C2 receive C4 C3 receive C4
D1 receive D4 D1 receive D3 D1 receive D2
D2 receive D3 D2 receive D4 D3 receive D4

Which team receives during the post season series?

The team that has the highest ranking at the end of the regular season will always host. The number in front of each team name signifies it's ranking at the end of the regular season.

Ball distribution

How are the balls distributed for the post season tournament?

The team that had the highest ranking, during the regular season, receives. At the captains' meeting these teams are given the balls for the whole tournament.

What is the consequence if an unqualified player is in line-up?

Rule 2.7.4 stipulates that only qualified players can play in the playoffs. You must declare a default as during the regular season if you do not have enough qualified players. Any enfringement to any TFIM rules may lead to loosing that playoff round.

How positions are decided in the standings

The standings are sorted in the following order:

1. the team that won the most matches prevails,

2. the team that has the most set points

If there is still a tie, head to head matchup between these teams and:

3. the team that has the most matches prevails,

4. the team that has the most set points.

Finals' journal

La petite Bretonne




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