2018 finals at Carrefour Multisports

It is always with a little excitement that we wait for the day of the finals. The conclusion of an entire year of games played in 10 different clubs and by more than 856 players. This year was even more anticipated because TFIM celebrated 40 years of existence. It was a great day, attended by more than 500 people who enjoyed highly competitive games at all levels. The winners of the bronze, silver and gold medals won prizes and the teams who finished first in the season. The day was crowned by a dinner and a dance party organized brilliantly by our hosts of CARREFOUR MULTISPORTS. Several door prizes were drawn during the evening, making many happy. Once again a memorable day.

Our champions of the season were crowned with the gold medal: the teams are from level I to iV respectively Boucherville, Brossard 2B, Tennis 13 3B and CDL 4C.

The silver medalists are Longueuil 1, Nun's Island 2D, Nun's Island 3D and Longueuil 4

The bronze medal went to Tennis 13 1, Brossard 2C, Longueuil 3 and Nun's Island 4B.

Finals' journal