A real success - TFIM 2016 finals!

You could feel the euphoria in the air on Friday May 29th at the Complexe Sportif Longueuil! It was indeed a much expected day, the day of the TFIM finals! More than 500 members and friends attented the 38th edition of this celebratory event! 

Sixteen (16) teams in total, ranging from level I to level IV, were competing for gold, silver or bronze medals. The bronze medal round was, for the first time, on the same day as the gold and silver medal competition and it was much appreciated by the spectators. 

The first matches started at 8:00 am and the last matches ended around 5:30 pm.

In level I, Longueuil competed against Nun’s Island B for the gold medal. Longueuil won the gold (2-1). In other levels, although the matches were very competitive, the Brossard teams dominated when the Brossard IIA, IIIC and IVB teams prevailed and took the Gold. Nun’s Island IID, Piedmont III and Longueil IV won silver medals.

Boucherville won the Bronze medal for level I with a decisive victory on court 3 against Carrefour A. In level II, the two CDL teams were battling it out for the Bronze medal. The IIB team won the Bronze convincingly.  In level III, Sanctuaire won against Brossard IIIA after winning tight matches in 3 sets on courts 2 and 3. Lastly, Brossard IVA won against Carrefour (2-1) with a decisive win in 3 sets on court 1.

The matches were immediately followed by a short award/prize ceremony. We also took the time to honor Ginette Crotty, who is retiring from tennis this year. Ginette has been very involved with TFIM for many years and is the founder of the Interclub Challenge de Brossard. A few door prizes were drawn afterwards including a trip to Club Med, offered by the travel agency Club Voyages international of Nun’s Island. After the ceremony, members were invited to a buffet and to an evening of partying and dancing with a DJ. 

The TFIM committee with members of “Le Complexe Sportif Longueuil” worked in collaboration to organize this great tennis celebration. The event was a great success and appreciated by all thanks to the members who have participated.

Finals' journal