Each team must appoint a captain to represent them at the captains' meetings. 

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Captain's responsibilities

  1. Attend all captains' meetings or send a delegate from her team with written proxy to vote.
  2. Have a current email address and have access to both websites tfimtennis.org and Tenniscores.
    1. Register as a member on this site. *
    2. Access as captain on the Tenniscores site. *
    3. * See "Documents to start the season"
  3. Read carefully the "HOW to" documents concerning How to in Tenniscores. Always refer to tab  and FOR the CAPTAIN. The "How To" documents are in the Captain's Kit.
  4. Create your team or update it in Tenniscores.
  5. Enter the coordinates of each player in their file. See How to enter player's coordinates in the PLAYERS ADMINISTRATION function among FUNCTIONS in Tenniscores. You must see "ADMIN" to access it. If you do not see ADMIN, PLEASE LOGIN.
  6. Know the competition rules.
  7. Hand out the TFIM booklet to each member of her team and make sure they know the content.
  8. Inform her teammates of all activities, various changes and new rules.
  9. Monitor her team’s and her player’s statistics.

    At the first captain’s meeting:

  10. Bring the legible form “List of players”, approved and signed by the club pro responsible for TFIM.
  11. Submit a cheque that corresponds to the number of players on the “List of players”. The cheque should be made to the order of "TENNIS FÉMININ INTERCLUB MONTRÉAL".

    At the beginning of the season:

  12. Check the match schedule.
    1. Pay particular attention to clubs that host at a different time than normal; warn the players accordingly.
    2. A "bye" means that the team is not playing that day.
    3. Upon receiving the schedule of matches, react within 7 days in case of significant conflict for the team.
  13. Check that all players on the team are registered by the October 31st deadline.

    Weekly matches:.

  14. Notify the opposing captain as soon as possible if you do not have a full line-up. SEE default.
  15. In the event that a player from a lower level replaces, she must be added to the team’s roster in Tenniscores as a (S) substitute, before the match. See How to add a substitute in the line-up:
  16. 10 MINUTES prior to the start of the match the captain (or designated co-captain) of the receiving team enters the names of all players on the official score sheet. A closed line-up prevails. Ensure that names are written legibly.
  17. The receiving captain (or designated co-captain) must ensure the balls provided by the league are used.
  18. Upon completion of the match make sure that the score sheet is signed by both captains and sent by fax, email or other on the same day, PRIOR TO 3 PM, to the statistician of her level.
  19. The receiving captain’s must enter the results in Tenniscores BEFORE 3 PM.
  20. The visiting club captain must verify the accurately of the results and confirm BEFORE the END of the DAY.
  21. It is both captains’ responsibility to contact the statistician in case of inaccuracy. Any errors must be reported before the next match. No changes can be made thereafter. Please pay particular attention to player’s names as well as the score.

    At the end of the season:

  22. Check the eligibility to qualify for the series of the players on the team according to the rules of the league.
  23. Check her team players’ statistics and ask the level’s statistician on their behalf.
  24. See that the appropriate forms are sent before April 15th of the current year “To Whom It May Concern”, regarding the “Sportsmanship award”. The same if a player requests a change of level. These forms are available on the tfimtennis.org website under “Captains”.


For all levels: In Tenniscores, the abbreviation FRZ (frozen) means that a player is not available to play. The captain oversees this function and can utilize it to identify players that are not available for an extended period of time. See How to do a Frozen player?

FRZ (frozen) for a 5.0 or 5.5 player (level 1):  a 5.0 or 5.5 player can only be labelled as "FRZ" if she is unable to play for at least 8 matches. This player can only be labelled "FRZ" once per season. 
A notice of 7 days must be given before a player can be added to or removed from the FRZ list. (AGA2017)
The captain must inform her statistician before declaring a player frozen in Tenniscores.