How to register a player

Registration is normally done prior to or during the Captain's meeting. At the Captains' Meeting a check for the number of players is deposited.

After the Captains' meeting you have 2 options:

If the player is in the Tenniscores system, you can proceed to the late registration form on Tenniscores

If the player is new, she's not in the system, you must fill out the registration form for a new player make an make an E-transfer.

Registrations are sent to the statistician and the E-transfers sent to the treasurer. Late registrations are directed to the treasurer who is responsible for advising the statistician.

The deadline for registration is October 31.

Frequently asked questions - How it's done

Default (No-Show) or Tardiness

 "How to" when there is a default? This situation happens when players do not show, either by:

  • No-show : The captain previously advised that the line-up was incomplete, therefore no names are entered on courts defaulted.
  • Tardiness: Players are expected to show, names were written on the score sheet and one or both players do not show, these names are to be entered.

Select the team that «won by default» in the drop down menu on the right. Tenniscores will add "default" in the box of the loosing team.
The scores 1-0, 1-0 must be added in order for Tenniscores to give the winners 3 set points for the match.

Retired (injury)

 How do you fill in the scorecard in Tenniscores when a player is injured? A retired match is inevitably granted or conceded to the opponents.

The team declared the winner is selected from the drop down menu on the right. Choose «won by retired» or «gagné par retrait». Tenniscores will add a check mark next to the team that won and add "retired" next to the team who retired because of an injury.
The scores must be written as is at the moment of retiring for the losers. For the opponents, the scores must show a win; for example, each set must have a greater number of games for the winners. If the team who concedes led when stopping, they concede the number of games necessary for their opponents to have a majority of games for each set. EX: the score for the losers when stopping was 6-4, 4-2, the score entered becomes 6-4, 4-5 and 0-1.
This match counts in the win % for the winning players only. The CRA is calculated for all four players.