Welcome to Season 20-21

Dear TFIM members, 

We are finally ready to start a new Interclub season! Hopefully we will not encounter too many bumps along the way!
The tennis clubs and TFIM along with Tennis Quebec have put in place public safety measures in order to provide us with a safe playing environment. However, it is your responsibility to respect and apply these measures.
We live in a world of uncertainties. Nobody can promise that there will not be a second wave, nobody can predict if we will play a full season of tennis or if we will go back to confinement. Therefore we should enjoy the moment and move forward carefully and with discipline.

Let’s make sure that we respect the safety measures in place as well as all other recommendations.

I would like to remind you the measures in place in the majority of the clubs as well as those recommended by TFIM are as follows:

1. The mask must be worn at all times in the clubs. The mask can only be taken off once on the court.
2. Social distancing must be maintained at all times.
3. Please disinfect your hands before entering the club, before entering the courts and as many times as possible while on the court.
4. Arrive dressed in your tennis attire to avoid the use of the locker rooms.
5. During the matches, we will only change sides at the end of a full set.
6. The plasticized score cards will not be available for the time being, therefore you must use the scoresheets available at tfimtennis.orgunder COVID.
7. Before playing a match, make sure that you have signed and given to your captain the self evaluation form as well as the risk recognition form.( tfimtennis.org, onglet COVID)

We are privileged to play tennis. Tennis is a sport in which it is easy to maintain social distancing.

Let’s make sure that we take full advantage of it and that we do everything we can do to stay safe and to make sure we can play for as long as  possible.

Wishing you a great tennis season!

Michelle Aubé,
présidente TFIM