Good evening!

The government strongly suggests to limit traveling between regions as the Montreal area faces a second wave of Covid-19. Additionally Tennis Quebec is cancelling tournaments.  

Based on these facts and after consultation with Tennis Quebec, we have decided that it would be prudent to delay the start of our Interclub season. In the meantime, keep training, keep playing and maintain social distancing so that we can put an end to this nightmare and return to normalcy. We will reevaluate the situation in two weeks.

In the meantime, stay healthy and keep playing tennis! 

Michelle Aubé
President TFIM

Dear TFIM members, 

We are finally ready to start a new Interclub season! Hopefully we will not encounter too many bumps along the way!
The tennis clubs and TFIM along with Tennis Quebec have put in place public safety measures in order to provide us with a safe playing environment. However, it is your responsibility to respect and apply these measures.
We live in a world of uncertainties. Nobody can promise that there will not be a second wave, nobody can predict if we will play a full season of tennis or if we will go back to confinement. Therefore we should enjoy the moment and move forward carefully and with discipline.

Let’s make sure that we respect the safety measures in place as well as all other recommendations.

I would like to remind you the measures in place in the majority of the clubs as well as those recommended by TFIM are as follows:

1. The mask must be worn at all times in the clubs. The mask can only be taken off once on the court.
2. Social distancing must be maintained at all times.
3. Please disinfect your hands before entering the club, before entering the courts and as many times as possible while on the court.
4. Arrive dressed in your tennis attire to avoid the use of the locker rooms.
5. During the matches, we will only change sides at the end of a full set.
6. The plasticized score cards will not be available for the time being, therefore you must use the scoresheets available at tfimtennis.orgunder COVID.
7. Before playing a match, make sure that you have signed and given to your captain the self evaluation form as well as the risk recognition form.(, onglet COVID)

We are privileged to play tennis. Tennis is a sport in which it is easy to maintain social distancing.

Let’s make sure that we take full advantage of it and that we do everything we can do to stay safe and to make sure we can play for as long as  possible.

Wishing you a great tennis season!

Michelle Aubé,
présidente TFIM

Hi everyone! 

I hope that you are taking advantage of the beautiful weather that we are having and that you are playing a lot of tennis!

We are working hard to get the 2020-21 season started. Yes, we will have an interclub season and it will start in September. Our first matches are scheduled on September 24th and 25th. Obviously, it will be a bit different, but haven't we demonstrated over the last few months that we could get used to virtually anything?

We have been asked by Tennis Québec to take part in a committee to ensure that indoor women's double can be played safely. Therefore, our recommendations are approved by Tennis Quebec and are in line with public health measures. The safety measures are in place, it is, however, your responsibility to respect them!

Health and safety measures can differ slightly from one club to the next, but you will find hereunder general measures:

  • A mask must be worn at all times when circulating in the clubs
  • The mask can be removed on the court
  • Washing /disinfection of the hands when entering the club
  • Temperature will be taken (in some clubs)
  • Circulation must follow the arrows on the ground
  • Social distancing must be observed at all times
  • Avoid the use of the locker rooms. Showers can be used if really necessary
  • No towel service
  • Bring a water bottle, the vending machines are not available
  • Resting/public areas are not accessible
  • No spectators allowed either in the club or on the courts (some clubs)
  • Do not arrive too much ahead of time and do not wander around the club
  • The use of plastic score cards will be forbidden
  • Bring your own hand sanitizer, mask and towel

We will unfortunately have to embrace this new COVID reality! I am, however, convinced that we can compete and have fun, while social distancing. If professional players can play without spectators, so can we!

The captains' meeting will take place on September 14th. Your captains will get all the details of the upcoming season (at least the part that we know) at that time and will share them with you afterwards.

Looking forward to seeing you with your masks!

Until then, stay in shape and more importantly, stay healthy! 

Michelle Aubé
Présidente TFIM



Due to the coronavirus pandemic and following the measures imposed by the Quebec Government prohibiting the holding of events until August 31, 2020, Tennis Canada announced on Saturday the postponement of the Rogers Cup presented by National Bank event in Montreal. The tournament which was scheduled to take place from August 7 to 16, 2020 is now postponed to August 6 to 15, 2021.

The postponement of the tournament means that Montreal will host the women’s event in 2021.”

October 31th is the deadline to register a player. See how to pay via How to make an E-transfer and How to register a player online.

We are preparing our 42nd TFIM season.

Dear captains, you have a role to play ... In Tenniscores the team Rosters are ready for you to submit. It may be the first time that you submit your list in this way and thereafter accepted by the statistician. She checks that everything is in order. If you have a new player, she will be added after you make the payment at the captains meeting. Follow the "captain's instructions" on the screen if you have a player who transfers from another team or club. For the new captains, please send me an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that I can assign you the role of captain in Tenniscores.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: When you have made your list (ROSTER) the CRAs appear next to the names for the captain (ADMIN) and are those registered at the end of the season that is after the series. They have been adjusted up or down according to our rules (see CRA).

NOTE: You are asked to see with your coach if there are any adjustments necessary. CRAs MUST be graduated from the highest (court #1) to the lowest (court #3). Please complete the adjustment request and include the justifications. We will not accept adjustments for an entire team.

Raymonde Babin
Websites coordinator

 January 24 th: Match cancelled today1