Create Roster

CREATE a ROSTER: Player registration explained with images
  1. In Tenniscores, the captain must “LOGIN”.
  2. Under ADMIN click on the CREATE / SUBMIT ROSTER function.
  3. Your team from the previous season appears. Please follow the instructions by clicking “View Captain's instructions”
  4. If you are missing a player, you can enter a player's first or last name in the search box.
  5. If you cannot find the name of a player but you know that she has played in TFIM before, please contact your statistician to inform her that she is returning to the league. These players are archived when they are no longer part of TFIM for at least one season.
  6. Continue; there are 3 steps before you finish.
  7. When you are satisfied with your list, SUBMIT ROSTER.
  8. The list will be automatically sent to your statistician who will approve it or not (she will advise you why)
  9. A checkmark appears in the level list displaying that your team has been approved.
  10. Your roster when accepted, will be visible in the LEAGUE - TEAMS page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  11. Every player must be registered in one way or another. If your ROSTER is not complete, go to the "FORMS" tab, "CONTACT FORMS" section to complete the "online registration" to add a player; either the new player, the re-integrating player, the one that is not in the system or the one that joins after the captains’ meeting.
  12. Registrations are paid by bank transfer (INTERAC) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Enter TFIM or tfim as an answer to the question “what is our league in 4 letters”. If you need help, follow the instructions in “How to make an E-transfer”.

NOTE: As a comment please identify yourself as follows:

  • When the transfer is made for the team (roster), enter the team name and your name.
  • When the transfer is made for a single player registered separately online, enter her name, team and your name.

After the captains' meeting, you will need to register a player online and make a new transfer each time.

 To print your list

  • see under League / TEAMS
  • select your team
  • all the way down the page Print Roster in green. 

The new player or the one who is not in the system: 

In addition to the registration, YOU MUST COMPLETE a "Membership form" for each new player or re-integrating player*. The signatures of the player and a tennis professional are required. Please email a readable copy to your statistician.