Series' rounds

 Questions: How are the matches made? Is it a round-robin?

Answer: Normally in a round robin with 16 teams one match is played against the other 3 teams in the group. In a normal round robin, there is an order to respect following the standing. TFIM chose a format close to a round-robin with differences: a format of 3 rounds with a draw at random to form the groups. See Draw to make-up the groups.

With 18 teams participating, two groups of 5 (uneven) and two groups of 4 (even) and 3 rounds per group. Between groups A and B, one match per week is intergroup. Two teams form the same row never play against each other; there is one exception "A3 vs B3". 

ROUNDS for a tournament with 18 teams
Round #1   Round #2   Round #3  
A1 receive A5 A1 receive A3 A1 receive A2
A2 receive A4 A2 receive A5 A3 receive A4
B1 receive B4 B1 receive B3 B1 receive B2
B2 receive B5 B2 receive B4 B3 receive B5
A3 ? B3 A4 receive B5 B4 receive A5
C1 receive C4 C1 receive C3 C1 receive C2
C2 receive C3 C2 receive C4 C3 receive C4
D1 receive D4 D1 receive D3 D1 receive D2
D2 receive D3 D2 receive D4 D3 receive D4