Dear members,

The 2016-17 season is well underway and I would like, on behalf of all the Administrative Committee, to wish you once again welcome, particularly to new players who join us and to those who return after a few years of absence. This year we have over 800 members forming 60 teams. It goes without saying that this is a considerable number to manage, but I assure you that the Administrative Committee is dedicated to ensure that all benefit from another tennis season both social and competitive. 

It is in this frame of mind that we decided to conduct a small survey to maximize our time on the court during matches. Score sheets feature this year clocks. The objective is to record the time when players stop playing because we want to promote game play until at least 11:45

There are several reasons for this approach:

  1. We are currently paying $72 per court for 2 hours of play, why not enjoy it to the max?
  2. If leaving the court early, often members of the host club benefit at our expense and sometimes disturbing play on other courts.
  3. We travel often long distances (ex. Piedmont-St-Hilaire) for our matches and we believe in respect and courtesy for those who travel, we should utilise the courts to their full allocated time.
  4. Whether we win or loose why not take advantage of the remaining time to practice what we dare not do during the match?

Finally we ask the captains to explain the concept to their players and encourage them to play until at least 11:45.

Thank you in advance for your collaboration and wish you all an enjoyable, satisfying and stimulating 2016-17 season.

Julie Kelertas
President TFIM

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TENNIS FÉMININ INTERCLUB MONTRÉAL" is an amateur league for women who play double’s tennis.