Substituting during regular season: 

  1. A player replacing must be a current TFIM member.
  2. A player can only replace in any higher level of the same club.
  3. The replacement player is not limited to a given team per higher level and can replace in more than one higher level. She can play a maximum of 3 times per higher level.
  4. The replacement player can play on any of the 3 courts and her CRA is used for the enforcement of the CRA rule 2.2.6.
  5. A team can have a maximum of 2 substitute players per match.
  6. A player cannot replace a player in another team of her own level.
  7. Only clubs that have a level V are allowed substitutes in level IV. The name of the player and a CRA factor (minimum 2.00) must be specified to the level statistician BEFORE the match.

Which court when substituting in a higher level:

The CRA formula works the same whether substituting or playing in your own level.

  • At the beginning of the season, every player's CRA factor is adjusted to her level; therefore, the basic CRA of the substitute should be lower than the CRA of any player from the upper levels. Normally, the sub plays on court #3.
  • As the season progresses, the player who wins has a growing CRA factor. Therefore, if you are a winner and substituting in a weaker upper level team, it is possible that you will have a higher CRA than some players on the upper level team. You can find yourself playing on court 2 or exceptionally on court #1.
CRA committee

The simple answer is that the substitute plays a match in the league and all our matches are supported by the CRA rule (calculation to respect non-stacking in a line-up). The formula takes into account the CRA factor for each player regardless of her level.

  1. One substitute is different from another; she can have a higher CRA factor than some players of the team in which she replaces. The formula does not distinguish between the substitute and the player in the level where she replaces therefore the CRA of the player replacing must be used to place her on the right court to follow the rule.
  2. The number of games won is important in the formula; the closer the results are in a match the less variation in the CRA factor.

Substitution Season 2016-17 report:

  • 44 substitutions where 2 were on court #2 & 42 on court #3
  • 5 level II replaced in level I 
  • 2 level III replaced in level I 
  • 31 level III replaced in level II 
  • 6 level IV replaced in level III
  • 15 WINS = 34.09%
  • 29 LOSSES = 65.91%
  • 8 MATCHES OR 16 REPLACEMENTS where 2 Substitutes played together for a total of 36 MATCHES.