To Move up a Level:

  1. The player must have reached the "player profile" of the superior level. (New in September 2017)
  2. Every player's personal statistics will be retained so that the tennis pros and the executive team can build a case study used at the "statistics' meeting" held after April 15. Following the statistics meeting, it will be determined which players will be evaluated in order to confirm that the "player profile" of the superior level has been achieved. (New in September 2017)

During the 2017-18 season TFIM worked on Player profiles for levels II, III & IV.  A new rule was implemented in Septembre 2017 for " Moving-up". The MNP rule is now only used as an indicator of success. TFIM with the assistance of the pro committee has decided to start the process of "profiling" all of our members. This is a long process and evaluation is part of the process. A process was already in place for level I. For all levels and this end of season 2017-18 the process is:

  1. Request a case study to change a player's profile by sending a request form signed by the coach and player
    • On the form, the player's profile (according to the coach) must be entered.
  2. For coaches who have not indicated the player's profile, we conclude that they want it to be a group of coaches who assigns a profile.
  3. If the coach has entered a "player profile" that corresponds with the higher level, the evaluation is a confirmation that the player has a new profile and can move-up a level.
  4. The player will have, in presenting herself, her "player's profile". She will also receive what are her strengths and what she will have to work on to improve.

The TFIM committee with the help of our experts understands that this process may seem unfair to you. You have worked hard all season, it is quite possible that this allowed you to change your profile. The only way to be sure is an evaluation. At the evaluation, the profile will be assigned with the help of several coaches.

The Pro-Consultant Committee recognizes that information for this process has not been understood by all coaches. Some did a very good job and some did not. The pros committee still has work to do in that respect.

We thank our pro-consultant committee for their hard work and efforts in ensuring that our members stay in our league, enjoy our sport and evolve in the right level.

the Average

  1. TFIM defines average as a percentage calculated by dividing the number of wins by the number of times played (wins + losses). 
  2. In Tenniscores this number appears as a fraction Win/Loss Record under the player’s profile. 
  3. This win percentage is calculated for all matches during the regular season exclusively.
  4. The average will not be a decisive factor to move up a level. (New in September 2017)
  5. For the average calculation, a retired match is excluded (see « Rule 2.1 » in Rules of competition.