How do we do a tie breaker especially in the decisive 3rd set?

A tie breaker is played when the score is at 6-6 and play continues WITHOUT DELAY. The player whose turn it was to serve does so on the ad side. The opponent serves next on the left side and then the ad side for the 3rd point. Each player then alternates playing 2 points each. The first team to obtain 7 points wins the set if there is a 2 points lead, otherwise the play continues until there is a 2 points lead.
Teams change side every 6 points until the end of the tie breaker.
At 11:50 or 12:20, if a match is not completed, a tie breaker begins. The way this tie breaker is played depends on the actual score in the set. Please refer to your booklet's cover page.
See also:Whose turn is it to serve after a tiebreaker?
We ask that you respect the time allowed for breaks during the match. See also: time rules

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